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We believe that we all need to work together to see an end to human trafficking. Thus we maintain contact, and network with, a number of agencies and charities, both local and international, who are committed to working to this end. 

They are involved in different areas - including awareness and prevention of trafficking, rescue of victims, prosecution of perpetrators, and the after care of survivors.

We particularly partner with Women's Aid and Migrant Help in the after care of survivors, as well as maintaining a close relationship with the Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking Unit of the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

In addition our partnership with A21 here in Northern Ireland, together with  our other international connections, give us access to resources and safe houses in a number of countries for the benefit of survivors wanting to return to their country of origin.

"A lot of bad things had happened to me and I was so lucky to be taken in by Solas Trust. Together with the lady from Women's Aid they have taken care of all my needs. Even when things were difficult for me we were able to work them out together. My legal process has gone on for a long time but the people here have helped me to use the time - learning English, learning about the culture and meeting new people through volunteering in the charity shop and at the church coffee bar."

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